Sinead Adcock - Therapeutic Content Advisor

 Linda Neville Lead Clinical Hypnotherapist & Strive Mentor 

Linda is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has the benefit of a clinical background in mental health nursing. Following a 26-year career in the NHS, she set up in Private Practice in 2012.  
Her previous roles in the NHS as a clincian and senior manager, have equipped her to understand and work productively with people and organisations. As well as being skilled in change hypnosis, Linda has specific interest in anxiety-based conditions, confidence and self-esteem. Testimonials from her Private Practice are available on this website. 
Linda's qualifications are:  
Diploma in Hypnotherapy 
Gastric Band Hypnosis 
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Management 
Registered Mental Nurse 
BA in Nursing Studies 
MSc in Advanced Health Studies 
Linda is registered with the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and the Nursing and Midwifery Council. 

 Clare Copping Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Clare is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a passion for helping people to be the best they can be. She takes time to understand the unique issues each client is facing before planning individual sessions to meet their specific needs. Her 16-year career in the health and wellbeing industry has equipped her to take a holistic approach ensuring the connection between mind and body is considered and understood. 
With 23 years at the BBC (mainly in children's television) in management and production, she has many transferable skills in working with people and managing challenging situations. Throughout her career she has strived to enhance her own personal development, she continues to pursue her own learning and encourages self-development with those she comes into contact with. 
Clare loves to see her clients grow, change and feel better about themselves and the life they are living. Her empathetic, kind approach engenders feelings of trust and confidence from her clients. 
Clares's qualifications are:  
Diploma in Hypnotherapy 
BSc Social Sciences 
Clare is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register. 
Sinead Adcock - Therapeutic Content Advisor
Sinead Adcock - Therapeutic Content Advisor

Kate Jackson Clinical Hypnotherapist (with Psychotheraputic Training) 

Kate is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist with psychotherapeutic training. She has coached people in business and industry to empower them to face the challenges of their working lives over the last 10 years. Areas of focus include increasing confidence, reducing stress and managing anxiety. Aware that these challenges are not limited to our working lives but to life in general Kate is delighted to be part of the SanaMente team offering hypno-psychotherapy to facilitate change in people's lives. 
Kate believes that all people deserve to be listened to no matter how hard they may be finding it to express how they are feeling. She will explore with them how to find their inner voice and to consider ways to make the changes they want, whether it be stopping a negative habit, to improve performance or just talk to someone who will listen without being judged. 
Kate's qualifications are: 
Certificate in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy 
Neuro Linguistic Profiling Practitioner 
ILM Level 7 Certificate in Coaching 
Accredited MindSonar Professional 
BA (Hons) Humanities 
Kate is CNCH registered and a member of the National Society of Talking Therapies. 

  Kris Sanders Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strive Mentor 

Kris is a clinical hypnotherapist that largely incorporates CBT/REBT and Multimodal therapy within his work. He uses hypnosis as an amplifier and an adjunct to existing evidence-based therapies. He has had a passion for 
hypnosis and helping others for over 13 years and is just as fascinated with the subject as when he first started. 
Kris is focused on helping people better develop coping strategies to deal with life's adversities. Helping to manage the worst-case scenarios, minimising discomfort, and maximising enjoyment in life. 
He is also our Strive mentor, supporting our members on their unique journeys on our Strive programme. 
Kris's qualifications are: 
Diploma in hypnotherapy 
NP practitioner 
CBT level 3 
NVQ3 personal trainer 
Sinead Adcock - Therapeutic Content Advisor
Sinead Adcock - Therapeutic Content Advisor

         Laura O'Neill Lead Clinical Hypnotherapist & Strive Mentor 

Laura is our Relationship Manager here at SanaMente and has worked here since 2015. Laura provides a friendly, welcoming service to people making their initial enquiries about hypnotherapy. 
She is a skilled organiser and keeps Linda, Clare, Kris and Kate in check. Between managing appointments, the general administration and organising the social media, she really is the glue that holds us all together. 

          Stacey Wragg Project Lead 

Leading the project for Strive with SanaMente, Stacey's responsibilities have been the end-to-end development of the Strive membership including: implementing systems and processes, building of the community, marketing strategy and developing the corporate solution. 
Stacey is the director and co-founder of Embark CSR - corporate social responsibility consultancy, specialising in connecting businesses and charities for commercial partnerships. 
Sinead Adcock - Therapeutic Content Advisor
Sinead Adcock - Therapeutic Content Advisor

        Jess Talbott Digital Marketer 

Jess is our Digital Marketer at SanaMente. She has helped with the development, launch and marketing of our new online wellbeing community - Strive with SanaMente.  
Working creatively with Project Lead, Stacey - Jess designs content for our resources, website and social media channels to reach customers, build brand awareness and promote our services. 

          John Cooper Website Designer 

John is our go-to person for all things websites. Always ready to help, working with Stacey, Jess and the rest of the team he ensures all the website updates are completed as soon as possible. 
John is also the owner of it'seeze Leicester Website Design who provide bespoke mobile-friendly and secure websites to business owners across Leicestershire. 
Sinead Adcock - Therapeutic Content Advisor
Sinead Adcock - Therapeutic Content Advisor

Sinead Adcock Therapeutic Content Advisor 

With a passion for helping people, Sinead found her perfect role in the NHS. Working as a Therapeutic Liaison Worker on an Acute Mental Health ward, where she takes the lead in ensuring there is meaningful and therapeutic activity available for service users on the ward.  
Working with service users who are in crisis and experiencing distress she focuses on helping them to use techniques such as mindfulness and self care to relieve their distress and manage their emotions. 
With 10 years experience Sinead is an expert in relating to people and finding ways to engage and teach techniques to boost those healthy coping strategies. During the Covid 19 Lockdown she developed a workbook which is now widely used across the Leicestershire area. 
Spreading her wings to join the SanaMente Team, Sinead has come on board as our Therapeutic Content Advisor, playing an active role in designing and building the resources for Strive with SanaMente, online community. 

   Ebrahim Lambat Computer Science MPhil Data Analyst 

Having recently graduated from the University of Leicester with a First-Class Degree in Mathematics, Ebrahim is now looking to further his education and skills by helping SanaMente develop an interactive informatics dashboard. 
This will help us to automate our processes and make it easier for both our individual and corporate clients to recieve feedback on their wellbeing progress. 
The Strive platform will benefit hugely thanks to the application of the innovative and ground-breaking analytical techniques that Ebrahim has identified to assess our clients wellbeing, which in turn will allow our corporate clients monitor engagement and improvements in their staff. He will be with us for a year and we look forward to having him as part of the team! 
Sinead Adcock - Therapeutic Content Advisor
Sinead Adcock - Therapeutic Content Advisor


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