Finance Director | 14 June 2022 
As a company we had real concerns for the mental health and wellbeing of some of our employees. Many had been working from home during the pandemic and were expressing anxieties about returning to the office. In addition, the commercial landscape was changing, costs are increasing and the need to increase productivity has never been more acute. 
We were drawn to Strive with SanaMente because of the depth of knowledge skills and experience of the founder and mentors. Having explored the market Strive offers a unique clear process for assessing and monitoring the progress of the employee. Their strict approach to confidentiality fosters confidence in those who use the platform and the breadth of services aim to address all learning styles. Resources are presented in video, audio and written format and supported via live webinars and online individual mentoring sessions. 
Six months in and our team are thriving, there are observable changes such as; 
Increased confidence in decision making 
Better time management 
Improved relationships and productive conversations 
An energetic buzz around the office 
One person with a history of stress related sickness absence has reported that because of the support from Strive they have remained well and in work. This person holds a key position, their absence would have been significant to the company from a loss of knowledge, reduced productivity and lost finance perspective. By keeping this one person in work we have trebled our overall return in investment over this short period. 
I cannot thank Strive with SanaMente enough. 
Student | 17 February 2022 
In regards to SanaMente, please do make more events with this company. I think the way Linda was expressing herself and her work was genuinely amazing. 
I don't think I need therapy but, I will definitely join their newsletter and some programs they have. I think one of the things that has made me to make this decision is because today we were talking about generally "acceptance with one's self" and this is something that I really struggle with because there is no judge harder than me. It's crazy how little events in life mark your pattern and it colours the glasses you view through life. Definitely taking on board every single word spoken today.  
Louise | 10 February 2022 
What made you join Strive? 
I felt I was a little lost in myself and needed some help to find my happy place. I liked the fact that you were able to do it at your own pace, there was no pressure and I didn't have to conform to time but there was someone there on hand if I needed it. There was constant guidance and support but I didn't feel pressured and I also liked the community of people that are going through their own journey making you feel like you are not alone. 
Did you get what you expected? 
Yes and more, from my very first 121 with Linda how comfortable she made me feel, she made me feel straight away strong enough that i could face my demons. I thought it would have been a longer process before I got that spark. I never thought I would like the group sessions but I find them really insightful and helps me to understand what's going on in my mind and how to deal with it in my own way. 
How has it helped? 
Now when I am anxious about certain situations, I have strategies in place to deal with those and I can face my fears and deal with the situation in a better frame of mind. It's also made me say yes to doing more things too. Before I would try to make excuses when people asked me to go out and do things, but now I find myself broadening my network, going out doing more things and socialising more. I actually want to go out and socialise more, instead of sitting at home anxious. 
Peter | 27 January 2022 
I attended the last Refocus event on understanding emotions and found it really engaging and helpful. The Strive programme has excellent events and resources that benefit my emotional and mental health. I recommend these events and joining Strive with SanaMente. 

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