Alcohol Control

Drinking alcohol is a normal activity for adults to engage in, we drink to celebrate throughout the year during festive periods. We drink when we’re happy and upset. The issues lie when we become dependent upon these things to help us cope and then because of the repeat exposure, we form negative habits which to our detriment causes us to continue engaging in this negative cycle.

It has been shown that hypnotherapy is a useful  treatment in the management of withdrawal from addictive substances (Burrows and Dennerstein 1980).

Depending upon many different factors as to why a person is excessively drinking alcohol, we can help identify the underlying reason and begin to provide coping skills that will help you to replace this habit with something more beneficial. We can help build motivation so that you feel more compelled to really stick to a constructive plan.

We understand that you may have been dealing with this issue for a while and so we are empathetic and understanding. Your behaviour does not define you, it’s a learned response and because of this you can unlearn it too.