Comings and goings! It’s an interesting thought… throughout your life, you will meet people and lose touch with people. You’ll make friends – and enemies. You will have some great friends that will be around for years, maybe even for a lifetime, though you can never be sure of that. You might meet your soul mate and walk side by side and hand in hand or you might meet somebody who you *think* is your soul mate but who turns out to be anything but. Sometimes you will be lonely, at other times you’ll wish you were on your own, just for a while… You’ll touch peoples’ lives just briefly, just as they’ll touch yours and sometimes neither they nor you will be fully aware of it. 
And the point of all this is that, amongst all this coming and going there is one person that is constant and always there for the whole of your life… YOU. You are the only you that you have and you are the most reliable person in your life – so it pays to look after you as well as you can. 
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