This international women’s day, SanaMente are celebrating the everyday woman. 
Every year we see the famous, powerful women celebrated, women who have had extraordinary accomplishments. And whilst this is great, there are plenty of women achieving great things, sometimes, we forget to celebrate the amazingness of the women that are not in the spotlight. 
So, what do lighthouses have to do with that? 
Ever heard of the story of the Navy Boat Captain and the lighthouse keeper? 
Whilst this story is an urban myth, it has been used by people such as Stephen Covey in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People talking about the ‘Lighthouse principles’. The lesson: You don’t break them, you only break yourself against them. 
A lighthouse is defined as a building with a warning light that helps boats to navigate, especially when it’s dark or foggy. But lighthouses also symbolize strength, safety, and resilience. 
Lighthouses do not command attention, they do not fire missiles. And yet a lighthouse protects ships and its passengers, every day. Simply by shining a light through the mist and darkness. 
Strength and resilience are qualities that enable human beings to overcome life's most formidable challenges and obstacles. Women face some of the most formidable of all– menstruation, pregnancy, labour, menopause – the list goes on. And when a crisis unfolds, women are looked at to guide, soothe and solve. Everyday women are innately chosen to be the lighthouse in a storm. 
The world is full of people aspiring to be visionaries, change makers and influencers. We follow social media influencers. People wanting to share their story to inspire others, fighting to break through and become a thought leader, an expert, somebody who should be listened to. 
Everyone, at one time or another, needs a beacon of light to guide them through the "fog" and "darkness" of life. These women are the women behind the scenes, happy to allow others to the spotlight. 
Today we will celebrate the lighthouse ladies, the ladies that through the mist and fog remain a beacon of light, stability, integrity and strength. 
So, for IWD 2022, we ask you to celebrate these woman because they aren’t actually as ordinary as we or they may think. 
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On 8th March 2022 at 15:27, Peter Smith wrote:
Great piece. Love the urban myth story, but actually got a lot from the blog post relating to this.
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