On Thursday November 11th, Rest-Reset-Refocus welcomed Jan-Marie Bisiker to share her knowledge around rejuvenating our energy. We discovered the properties of Kinesiology, an emerging, holistic approach which uses Eastern medicinal understanding, that has already provided powerful, effective and successful results. Jan-Marie explained how symptoms and individuals are treated on a case by case basis, rather than a one size fits all formula. 
We learned the following ways we can make changes today and improve our energy: 
1. Stay hydrated 
Keeping a non-plastic bottle with us will encourage our habit of drinking water. Needing to use the loo can be inconvenienT but water is needed by every cell in our body to work efficiently. Jan-Marie advises sipping little and often for intake to be the most effective, and the least likely to bring on needing a pee too often! 
2. Intermittent fasting 
Jan-Marie explains how we can make the 8:16 approach work for us since there are many benefits to intermittent fasting. She advises to plan for your 8 hour window of eating by preparing wholesome foods that you enjoy. Part of the 16 hour fast period should include your sleep, helping toward maintaining it and making it more effective. After 15 hours the digestive system does its own maintenance service, so it’s important no calories are consumed at all during this time. 
Contrary to perception, black coffee and green tea can be consumed during fasting hours if this helps stay on track as they don’t contain enough of a calorie count to kick start digestion. 
3. HIIT training 
Just twenty minutes of high intensity training (many examples can be found online) is needed to see quick and positive results for the body and mind. The bonus to HIIT training is there’s no equipment necessary, it’s short and simple enough to start implementing. 
4. Yoga 
Highlighting the many benefits, Jan-Marie encourages we use a combination of exercise to support and maintain our health. Yoga promotes correct breathing alongside an array of positives like bone and muscle strength. 
5. Meditation 
We shouldn't underestimate incorporating downtime. Set an intention for yourself, this will restore energy and peace. 
6. Going for walks and getting outdoors 
These interactions between our internal selves and our external environments are important for overall health, happiness and wellbeing, for a whole wealth of combining reasons. 
With all of her advice, Jan-Marie made it consistently clear that our health should be our own unique journey. We should be aware of how our own body responds to foods and exercise, go with our instinct and enjoy life whilst exploring and maintaining the things that work for us. 
We are asked to remember these are all progressive things. 
The further we go with it, the more we can do and the more rewards we will feel. 
Don’t miss out on the next Rest – Reset – Refocus event on Giving & Purpose on the 9th of December. 
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