Many people say ‘You make me sick’ to somebody in an argument… but hopefully this article will help you reconsider using this statement. 
Truth is, though, that nobody can MAKE you feel anything. Now, many people want to argue with that statement, believing that it is a fact that certain people CAN make them feel a certain way. But consider these possibilities: 
Somebody you just can’t stand says: “Right, I’m going to MAKE you like me!” 
Somebody you think is a crushing bore says: “Now I’m going to MAKE you laugh so hard you’ll wet yourself!” 
Somebody you know who cheats and lies tells you: “I’m going to MAKE you believe I’m the most honest person you know!” 
How much chance would those people have? None at all, probably. So nobody can MAKE you feel anything – the feelings you get are from your own inner self. If you tell somebody that they ‘make you sick’ then all you are doing is handing them power to change your emotional state without you having any say in the matter. 
If it were possible to MAKE somebody feel feelings of my choice, I’d learn how to MAKE everybody feel happy! 
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