Emotional Problems

Your emotions rarely work disconnected from your thoughts and behaviours.
Your thoughts, feelings and behaviours work in a continuous loop so that each one influences the other. Whatever negative emotions your feeling, we can help identify that reason behind it and work at changing it so that you begin to live more resourcefully.

Often times when people are not aware of what is fuelling their emotions they try and suppress them,unfortunately by doing that we make them stronger (Wenzlaff).

Our emotions from the past can still have a hold over us now. You may only become aware of those feelings when something triggers them in the present moment. Hypnotherapy allows us to be able to go back to those past experiences and view them from a better and more mature perspective.It can be calming to know that you dealt with those things in the past best in the best way that you could at the time, if you new a better way of coping you would have taken it. We can give you clarity of mind and change those experiences so that you no longer hold onto those feelings.

By releasing those emotions you might find that you begin to view things differently as you no longer respond in the same way.