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Are bookings still possible during the COVID-19 lockdown?

We have created a dedicated COVID-19 page where we will publish updates and information.

Will I lose control of my body?

No, you will be fully aware of your surroundings and you are in control at all times. You cannot be made to do something that you do not want to do. A hypnotherapist is a guide to help you on your journey to change, but the change can only be made by you. You are in control.

What does hypnosis feel like?

As hypnosis is a completely natural state that we all experience, you may recognise it as something you have felt before. Perhaps it will feel more intense; people say that they feel relaxed, as if they were floating or weightless. Some people say they were not aware of their body during the session and it can feel a bit like drifting off to sleep. The experience is unique to you and can be slightly different each time, however it is pleasant and enjoyable.

Why should I choose you?

Good question, you must choose a hypnotherapist who you feel you can relate to and work with. Our approach is that we will take the time to understand you and work with your strengths. We will also make sure that you remain in control of the change by setting small goals or practice tips, teaching self-hypnosis and encouraging you to get the most out of these sessions. If you think you would benefit from this approach then please contact us.

Do you offer a free initial consultation?

Yes, there is no obligation and it lasts around 30 minutes – either in person or on the phone. We are always happy to meet with people to discuss how hypnotherapy may be of benefit to them.

Do you do home visits?

Yes, in certain circumstances and by arrangement. Please call us to discuss.

Do you offer evenings and weekend appointments?

Yes, we are aware of work commitments for people and aim to be as flexible as possible.

How do I book?

Call us on 0116 340 0630 or email [email protected]

Where are you based?

The SanaMente Hypnotherapy office is based at The Power House, 8 Narborough Wood Park, Desford Road, Enderby, Leicester, LE19 4XT.

Is there parking?

Yes, there are four parking spaces available at the front of our clinic.

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state where the body remains relaxed whilst the mind becomes acutely focused. We can enter this state many times a day; when we are daydreaming, absorbed in a good book or perhaps driving on autopilot. We also experience a state of hypnosis just before falling asleep and waking up; at these times we tend to be very creative and open to suggestions.