So, what is anxiety? 

Anxiety is defined as a fear that persists even when there is no salient threat present. 
Of course, some anxiety is necessary in life, it keeps us safe. Unfortunately, it becomes an issue when we are not in any danger, but we still continue to generate the response. 
Clinical hypnotherapy is very effective in treating anxiety. We help you to focus on positive and realistic coping behaviours during clinical hypnotherapy, to help you access your personal resources, so you automatically begin to cope easier. 
Through a process called extinction learning, we can gradually remove the fear response during clinical hypnotherapy. It is impossible to hold two ideas at the same time, you cannot feel completely anxious and also completely relaxed at the same time, the dominant emotion always wins. Through the many different techniques we use during clinical hypnotherapy, we can gradually begin to replace those feelings of anxiety with relaxation, so you begin to remove those triggers that fuel your feelings. 
When someone is experiencing anxiety, negative thoughts contribute towards those negative and unwanted feelings. Our trained Clinical Hypnotherapists can help identify those thoughts and assist you to create healthier thoughts so that naturally you begin to behave in a calmer way and become connected to feelings of relaxation. 
There are many different symptoms of anxiety and all can contribute towards physical symptoms. 
Some people complain of a tense feeling in their chest, for others it could be a warm sensation they feel spread around their body. Anxiety can exacerbate physical conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, if you have a skin condition, you’ll often find periods of flare ups whenever you’re feeling stressed. What is always in agreement is that it isn’t a pleasant sensation. 
How our programmes are delivered 
A specific plan is tailored to each person by one of our therapists, to help them achieve their goals and to prepare for any issues along the way. 
We easily identify any issues by using evidence-based procedures to help assess and build a strategic plan for success. Case formulation (understanding of issues) is a very important part of any successful therapy. “A problem well defined is a problem halved”. 
We focus on three main aspects that are required by any therapist: 
Bond of trust between therapist and client 
Agreement on therapy goals 
Agreement on therapy tasks 
The initial session will start with an introduction to dispel any concerns or misconceptions you have may about hypnotherapy. 
Relevant questions will be asked so we can get a better understanding of what your main issue is, and if there are any other contributing stresses. 
If there any obstacles getting in the way of you achieving your goals, we will work together to design a flexible plan to prepare for any setbacks so you can stay on track. 
Our Strive Online Community 
Our Strive Online Community 
If you want help with Anxiety, therapy isn't for you and would like to access downloadable resources, interactive activities, live events, 1 to 1 support and more - Join our Strive community today. 
Our online platform will help you improve your wellbeing and mental health by guiding you through the 10 Keys of Happiness which you can work through at your own pace with content you can read, do, watch and listen to - whichever suits you! 

 Related testimonials 

Scott | 11 November 2020 
I walked in a broken man due to anxiety, severe panic attacks, uncontrollable stress levels and powerful over thinking. I had 5 sessions with Clare and followed the recordings she sent me each week – I did them morning and night without fail and sometimes during the day too. After 5 sessions, I walked away a different person, more at ease, happier and finally remembered what a smile felt like. Even a member of staff in the office I only had brief encounters with noticed the change in me on week 4. 
On the 1st session my brain was fighting the hypnotherapy, I was struggling to relax myself and let myself go. After the 1st session I would say it’s important to practice the recordings Clare will give you and as time goes on you will be a lot more at ease and start to look forward to doing them. I would strongly recommend using Clare for any problems you are having. 
Anon | 1 July 2020 
I have been struggling with my anxiety recently due to the lockdown situation. I was worrying about leaving the house and getting back to work. I thought that I was doing ok, and I could sort out my feelings on my own, but I was wrong. I had my appointments with Clare via Zoom, and it has made a huge difference to how I feel – much more relaxed and calm which was very much needed. 
I would highly recommend Clare and all of the SanaMente team – from start to finish they have been friendly, professional and extremely helpful. 
Hemi | 2 April 2020 
I have just had an excellent online relaxation session with Linda. Her experience and expertise helped me to calm my mind for the first time in 2 weeks! 
With everything going on, as a small business, I am very worried and uncertain on what will happen in the coming weeks and months. This was well needed and very welcome! 
Sally S | 4 March 2020 
I wanted to say thank you for all of your support so far on my journey to being at one with myself. 
Although I still feel at the beginning of this journey you have already helped me in so many ways. Learning different coping mechanisms, letting go and supporting me to deal with day-to-day life. 
Already as I approach one of my usual trigger times of year, my stress and anxiety levels are lower than they have ever been. I am able to recognise different emotions, take time out and re-focus. Being equipped with the right tools to deal with whatever may occur. 
Thank you not only from myself but also for the ongoing service and support you have provided to both colleagues and clients alike. 
Vicki | 4 March 2019 
I signed up for hypnotherapy after suffering for years with stress and anxiety. I would never fully commit to anything as I was afraid it would raise my anxiety levels and I would have a panic attack. Linda and her team have worked miracles. I am so much more confident and no longer feel I need to hold back in any area of my life. 
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