There have been many recent studies that support the use of hypnotherapy when treating IBS.
A review of 11 studies by Whitewell has shown that there is a 87% success rate when using hypnotherapy in the treatment of IBS and many other studies that promote the effectiveness.

During hypnotherapy we can use many imagery techniques that has been proven in the effectiveness of alleviating symptoms. Another study showed that a man who had been suffering for over 30 years with IBS after 6 sessions had reduced his symptoms by 53% (Glavoski)
From the examples above it is clear that hypnotherapy can be of benefit to you if you are suffering.

The NHS is also supportive in using hypnotherapy to alleviate IBS and has been accepted as an empirical treatment since the 1960’s.

Hypnotherapy is also now accredited by NICE (National Institute For Health And Care Excellence).

“Referral for psychological interventions (cognitive behavioural therapy [CBT], hypnotherapy and/or psychological therapy) should be considered for people with IBS who do not respond to pharmacological treatments after 12 months and who develop a continuing symptom profile (described as refractory IBS). (2008)”

Symptoms of IBS include:

-Pain and cramping
-Change in bowel movements
-Food intolerance