February is national LGBT+ history month and as mental health problems are more common in people who identify as LGBT+, we want to shed a light. 
It's important to note that identifying as LGBT+ doesn't cause mental health issues in itself, but some of the things they may experience can factor in to poor mental health, such as: 
Increased likelihood of being a victim of hate crime 
Social isolation 
Body dysmorphia 
Family conflict 
Lack of support 
The Numbers 
Over the last year, out of LGBT+ respondents: 
Half experienced Depression 
3/5 experienced Anxiety 
Of those who are transgender, half thought about ending their own life 
Of those ages 18-25, 1/8 attempted suicide 
1/6 said they drank alcohol almost every day in the last year 
The Rainbow Lining 
But sometimes embracing your LGBT+ identity can have a positive impact on your wellbeing, you may experience:  
Increased confidence 
A sense of community 
Freedom of self-expression 
Increased resilience 
Specialist support is also availiable. 
Our Strive Online Community 
Our Strive Online Community 
If you are enjoying our information & advice and would like to access downloadable resources, interactive activities, live events, 1-2-1 support and more - Join our Strive community today. 
Our online platform will help you improve your wellbeing and mental health by guiding you through the 10 Keys of Happiness which you can work through at your own pace with content you can read, do, watch and listen to - whichever suits you! 
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