Managing Relationships

Everyday we are affected by the relationships around us whether that is a loved one or a work colleague.
We are constantly building connections and how we communicate and express ourselves can have an uplifting or negative effect on the people around us.

Hypnotherapy can be very useful in developing better relationships because during the process of hypnotherapy we can work with the intellectual aspects and the emotional. If you find that your emotions are getting in the way perhaps even with something small such as an annoying habit that causes you to feel frustrated, we can work at changing that so that your no longer sabotaging your relationships.

It is important to understand that it is your view of an event that causes you distress not the action of another. You can’t change another person but you can always change your response and by doing that you’ll find that your relationships continue to improve.

Holding onto strong emotions can continue to have a negative effect on your relationships but it’s important to understand that it’s never the snake bite that killed anyone, it’s holding onto that poison …. so allow us to help you remove those feelings and start living a better life.