Hypnotherapy has been proven to help with all types of performance and can help you develop a state of flow more efficiently.  Flow is a special state which we have all experienced at some point in our lives where everything just seems to be going perfectly well ,whatever task it was that you was focused on at the time you just seemed to get things done without contemplating anything that could go wrong ,you just happened to deal with whatever life thrown at you in that moment. It’s a very productive state and this state can be trained to be able to access at ease and by using hypnotherapy we can create triggers that allow you to be able to access this at will.

Its important to note that if you require assistance with a specific performance issue which relates to a sport it has been shown that using visualisation techniques can improve your confidence in your own abilities which reduces performance anxiety.

We can help identify any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. It’s a common thought for athletes to relate the loss of a game towards their own self worth which inhibits future games because of the expectation that they must always perform to a set standard, Although it can be beneficial to have the expectation that you are always going to perform perfectly well, it doesn’t prepare you for any upsets that may occur along the way.

You cannot always be in control of external events but you can always control your response, We can help you to accept when it’s not in your control so that you have a healthier attitude towards yourself, which paradoxically helps you achieve a better performance .