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In October 2019, SanaMente Hypnotherapy enlisted people, who wanted to drop a dress size before Christmas, to their Slim for Santa Programme.  The aim was to help people achieve their goals and raise some money for charity.  It was a great success and due to its popularity continued into 2020.

Our Clinical Hypnotherapist Clare can tell you why …

Can hypnotherapy really help you “lose weight”?  Yes, but first, let me explain why I don’t like the word “lose” weight.  Your subconscious is all about feelings, and long-term memory, and doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined.  It takes every piece of information literally, and has no sense of humour, and its main function is to keep you safe, and so will run all programmes that it considers to be protective.  It also never forgets, and lives in the “now” with no sense of time, so it still thinks it needs to protect you.

OK, cue the “lose weight” phrase… What would happen if you “lost your keys” – you’d want to find them wouldn’t you?  When you “lose” anything, you want to find it again.  And remember, subconscious thinks you’ve lost something when you “lose weight”, so guess what – you put it back on again!  Makes sense eh!  The mind is like a muscle – every thought you have, the more you repeat the thought, the stronger the muscle.  Most traditional diets programme your mind to think about food all the time, avoiding certain foods, counting calories etc.  No wonder we put all that weight back on most of the time.

We only need food to stay alive and healthy.  We all have an optimum amount that our body needs, and anything over that is too much!  Did your parents say to you as a child “eat everything up, clear your plate?”, or get cross when you left 5 baked beans on your plate!  We all have an internal switch, which tells us when our body has had enough food – children hear it loud and clear, hence leaving 5 baked beans!  However, we’re programmed to eat at certain times, eat everything on our plate to save throwing it away, and over time we lose that natural ability and stop listening for our internal guidance signal to stop!  Throw in stress and comfort eating as well (right now is an especially challenging time), and you have a recipe for disaster.

Hypnotherapy can help with that.  We’ve had a wonderful time with our SanaMente Slimmers so far.  They are “reducing in shape and size” (much better than “losing weight”), and learning to listen out for that signal (internal switch), loud and clear.  They’re drinking more water, exercising more and feeling “in control” of their eating habits for the first time in their life (for some of them).  It’s SO rewarding to hear.

It’s safe, fun, rewarding and non-judgemental and helps you to be in control of your eating habits, so that you can eat whatever you want, because you know when to eat, what to eat and when to stop.

Our sessions are on a Tuesday from 5.30-6.30pm – usually at the clinic, but during this current climate, Clare is working with the group online in a private session.

Want to find out more?  Please contact SanaMente on 0116 340 0630, or email [email protected]

Programme Details

How does it work? 

Weekly hour-long sessions from 5.30-6.30pm on Tuesdays (online at the moment due to the current health challenges)

Feedback on the previous week


Guidance on healthy foods/nutrients/hydration etc

A 20-30 minute group session under hypnosis, which starts with a wonderful, guided relaxation session, before helping them re-programme their subconscious to listen out for their “switch/signal”.

Tools to use after the session, wherever they are

A recording to listen to whenever they like, to support their journey to achieving their ideal shape and size.


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