The Problem 

The Coronavirus pandemic has been detrimental to the mental health of staff working for schools and education providers. A survey by the Teachers' Union into teacher wellbeing has found that 91% of teachers report their job has caused a negative impact on their mental health.  
Excessive workloads have increased even further as has teacher's anxiety around their safety amidst the virus. 90% of respondents say they have experienced an increase in workplace stress over the past 12 months.  
Even though the Department of Education has released a voluntary charter for schools to sign up to, 8 in 10 teachers say they do not believe government policies support schools to look after the wellbeing of teachers and 98% said the OFSTED inspection system does not take staff wellbeing into account when assessing schools.  
This should not be the situation for those shaping our children's futures and there is a long way to go in terms of improving our response to the mental health of our education staff. 

The Solution 

A bespoke mental wellness solution that fits the needs of YOUR school. Strive with SanaMente is a community that offers a bespoke solution to the rise in the number of teachers with mental health problems. 
By giving employees access to Strivers, education providers are looking after the future of their schools. All members have access to mental health resources guiding them through the 10 Keys of Happiness with engaging and relevant content available to read, watch, listen and do. 

How Our Solution Works Actively guiding your school to GREAT mental health. 

Every member of staff has access to mental health resources that will enable them to assess their own mental wellness. They will then receive direction & guidance on which areas of the content to focus on that are bespoke to their situation. Individuals will set action plans and complete activities to develop new healthy ways of dealing with life's challenges - staff can then use the progress tracking tools, such as the wellness assessment to track their personal development. 

The 5 Key Stages to Changing Behaviours 

1. Assess 
Individuals complete the Wellness Assessment and this will be reviewed by a Mental Health Professional, who will then respond with guidance and direction.  
2. Learn 
Be guided through the 10 Keys of Happiness resources, in reading, watching, listening, and doing activities. Listen to relaxation audio’s (1 new recording per month) and attend topic-specific webinars & masterclasses. 
3. Act 
Create an action plan using our downloadable activity sheets and complete in your own time in a way that works for you. Activities and resource toolkits are practical, engaging, and easy to apply to daily life. 
5. Engage & Interact 
Keep on track with our regular WhatsApp and text motivation and event reminders. Join the private Facebook group to get involved in guided activities and interact with other members. 
6. Reflect & Review 
Review and reflect what is effective and track continual professional development. Staff get 3-monthly progress reviews to monitor improvements and areas which still need working on. 
Get involved! It is as easy as 1,2,3. 
Step 1 - Get in touch with our team and arrange a discovery session. 
Step 2 - Decide which solution is the best fit for your school. 
Step 3 - Let us take care of the rest. You have done your job, now watch your school flourish with an empowered, motivated, balanced workforce that are striving to be the best they can be. 
10 Keys of Happiness 
The programme covers 10 key areas of wellbeing including Resilience, Emotions, Meaning, Relating & more. 
Mental Wellness Connection 
Interaction through SMS, Facebook and Email. 
Access to weekly Energise group and fortnightly Refocus online events. 
1 to 1 Sessions 
Each school will have it's own calendar link to book time slots. Every session is confidential, and no names will be shared of the people who have had sessions.  
We recommend at least 50% of staff have access to a 1 to 1 session per month. 
Additional Bolt-Ons 
Email access to Mental Health Professionals 
Interaction through WhatsApp 
Staff engagement sessions 
Face to face 1 to 1 sessions 
Senior leader MindSonar 
Quick enquiry 
Please complete the form below and we will be in contact shortly. 
What is the cost? 
The cost is dependent upon the level of package you decide is right for you. Our aim is to assist you to meet your goals, whether that be reducing sickness absence and presenteeism, or generally improving the mental health and wellbeing of your staff. 
We will assist you to make the assessment and select the most appropriate delegates and packages to meet your needs. We offer a flexible, agile and responsive service, therefore, we can change packages and numbers of staff in a timely manner. 
Packages are as follows 
• Quercus - £105 per person per month 
• Sequoia - £50 per person per month 
• Betula - £25 per person per month 
• Stand-alone Wellness Assessment - £5 per person plus report cost depending on size of the sample. 
Does my school need to sign up for a fixed term? 
No, we operate a pay-as-you-go policy, and we suggest a review of progress is initially considered on quarterly intervals. This allows time for engagement and progress to take place. 
Who will it benefit? 
Our Online Platform is designed to assist people to develop tools, skills and strategies to manage the challenges of everyday life. It includes evidence-based resources and activities to assist the individual. The key to maximising the benefits is working with people who have a need and desire to make changes, these are, 
• People who recognise they are experiencing signs of stress or are struggling with life and work; 
• People who have been recognised by their line managers or colleagues, as currently having difficulties with emotions, work relationships or changes in behaviour; 
• People with previous or current sickness, absence or performance management challenges. 
How will we know it’s working? 
Prior to being admitted onto the Online Platform, the member completes a Wellness Assessment consisting of thirty questions, in a multiple choice format ranging from always to never. The questions assess aspects such as emotions, leisure, finance, physical wellbeing, stress, work life balance and support networks. 
This exercise is repeated at three monthly intervals. The Strive Team will feedback progress to the employer in relation to themes and trends for the cohort. The service is confidential and governed by the Codes of Conduct of the practitioners local and national policy. 
In addition to the subjective information collected by the Strive Team, we will, as part of our onboarding process, have discussed the organisation’s goals and would expect to see a difference in those metrics. 
What information will Strive share with us? 
We will share information regarding rates of engagement with the Platform, 1 to 1’s and the webinars, alongside themes from the Wellness Assessment, including areas of improvement. 
We have a joint research project with the Computing Science and Artificial Intelligence Department of Leicester University, to develop a dashboard of metrics and automation, alongside a research project with the Psychology Department, to develop our impact metrics to include objective, wellbeing and productivity measures. These projects are ongoing and expected to be delivered in 2023. 
Is it just for people who are struggling? 
No, the resources, activities and events are designed to be informative and practical. We recognise that life situations, goals and relationships play a significant part on how we live our lives and being prepared for life challenges can help the person cope with future events. We teach people to develop healthy coping strategies, tools and techniques, which they can use throughout their life. 
What could we do about the overall wellbeing of all our staff? 
An initial assessment of staff wellness using our questionnaire would inform the organisation on areas of concern and how to prioritise interventions. The Strive Platform could be included into the overall Wellbeing Strategy as a preventative intervention, where staff are encouraged to access the resources from an educational and informative perspective, this could be provided at the Betula Package level. 
For those falling into the three criteria mentioned earlier, the Quercus package would be most suited to assist them to make the changes and develop those skills needed. This would be followed by a step down to Sequoia for a few months to embed the changes, before stepping down to Betula as a consistent support. 
Will Strive Online Platform fit with our current wellbeing strategy? 
Yes, we are keen to work with organisations to help inform and develop a wellbeing approach that is not medicalised or pathologizing life situations. Our resource has stepped away from a medical model and seeks to assist people to build coping strategies and resilience to deal with the challenges of life. 
Our process will assist to identify those people who have a clinical condition, which requires the attention of a GP or Secondary Mental Health Services. 
The model is easily integrated with existing EAP’s and can be adjusted to fit the needs of your team. 
Why should we use Strive? 
We believe that life is tough and everyone deserves to live their best life. Our tools, resources and Strive Mentors work from an evidence-based perspective, with information being delivered in bite-sized components with practical suggestions to change thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 
We want to work with organisations who are serious about looking after and empowering their staff to be and do their best. Our approach is flexible, practical and cost effective. 

 Related testimonials 

Student | 17 February 2022 
In regards to SanaMente, please do make more events with this company. I think the way Linda was expressing herself and her work was genuinely amazing. 
I don't think I need therapy but, I will definitely join their newsletter and some programs they have. I think one of the things that has made me to make this decision is because today we were talking about generally "acceptance with one's self" and this is something that I really struggle with because there is no judge harder than me. It's crazy how little events in life mark your pattern and it colours the glasses you view through life. Definitely taking on board every single word spoken today. 
Louise | 10 February 2022 
What made you join Strive? 
I felt I was a little lost in myself and needed some help to find my happy place. I liked the fact that you were able to do it at your own pace, there was no pressure and I didn't have to conform to time but there was someone there on hand if I needed it. There was constant guidance and support but I didn't feel pressured and I also liked the community of people that are going through their own journey making you feel like you are not alone. 
Did you get what you expected? 
Yes and more, from my very first 1-2-1 with Linda how comfortable she made me feel, she made me feel straight away strong enough that i could face my demons. I thought it would have been a longer process before I got that spark. I never thought I would like the group sessions but I find them really insightful and helps me to understand what's going on in my mind and how to deal with it in my own way. 
How has it helped? 
Now when I am anxious about certain situations, I have strategies in place to deal with those and I can face my fears and deal with the situation in a better frame of mind. It's also made me say yes to doing more things too. Before I would try to make excuses when people asked me to go out and do things, but now I find myself broadening my network, going out doing more things and socialising more. I actually want to go out and socialise more, instead of sitting at home anxious. 
Peter | 27 January 2022 
I attended the last Rest-Reset-Refocus event on understanding emotions and found it really engaging and helpful. The Strive programme has excellent events and resources that benefit my emotional and mental health. I recommend these events and joining Strive with SanaMente. 
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