95% of diets fail and it’s no wonder, as many people are given the 
wrong information to successfully reduce their weight. 
Of course, people are able to make dramatic changes very quickly with crash diets but can revert back to their old habits and ways of thinking. Often people find themselves in a cycle of being motivated to stick to a diet regime, followed by a period of time resorting to old habits and feeling guilty. This leads to fluctuating weight, accompanied by periods of guilt with associated poor self-esteem and confidence. 
Our approach helps people to make healthy choices in relation to diet and develop healthy coping strategies for the future. 
Often people do not hold rational beliefs about relapses, there will be times where you feel you have made a mistake. When people are not mentally prepared for this, they begin to relate this loss to failure and it becomes a self-defeating cycle that you are “stupid, a loser, or why do I bother”. We can help identify and prepare for these occasions. We aim to be realistic and to help give lifelong change, which is sustainable, not just for a few weeks, but lasting into your future. 
If your diet has developed into a negative habit, it can feel difficult to break those metaphorical chains. We can assist you to make this transition to healthy eating, leading to a slimmer, trimmer, more confident you. 

Our Clinical Hypnotherapist Clare can tell you why it works… 

Can hypnotherapy really help you “lose weight”? Yes, but first, let me explain why the phrase “lose” weight is not helpful. Your subconscious is all about feelings, and long-term memory, and doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined. It takes every piece of information literally, has no sense of humour, and it's main function is to keep you safe, and so will run all programmes that it considers to be protective. It also never forgets, and lives in the “now” with no sense of time, so it still thinks it needs to protect you. 
OK, cue the “lose weight” phrase…  
What would happen if you “lost your keys” – you’d want to find them wouldn’t you? When you “lose” anything, you want to find it again. And remember, subconscious thinks you’ve lost something when you “lose weight”, so it feels like something is missing and wants to finds it again. So guess what – you put it back on again! Makes sense eh!  
The mind is like a muscle – every thought you have, the more you repeat the thought, the stronger the muscle. Most traditional diets programme your mind to think about food all the time (avoiding certain foods, counting calories etc.) No wonder we put all that weight back on most of the time. 
Clare Copping - Clinical Hypnotherapist
We only need food to stay alive and healthy. 
We all have an optimum amount that our body needs, and anything over that is too much!  
Did your parents say to you as a child “eat everything up, clear your plate?”, or get cross when you left 5 baked beans on your plate?  
We all have an internal switch, which tells us when our body has had enough food – children hear it loud and clear, hence leaving 5 baked beans! However, we’re programmed to eat at certain times, eat everything on our plate to save throwing it away. Over time, we lose that natural ability and stop listening for our internal guidance signal to stop! Throw in stress and comfort eating as well (right now is an especially challenging time), and you have a recipe for disaster. 
Hypnotherapy can help with revert us back to listening for that signal (internal switch), it once again will become loud and clear. Feel in control of your eating habits for the first time in your life. It’s safe, fun, rewarding and non-judgemental We help you to be in control of your eating habits, so that you can eat whatever you want, because you know when to eat, what to eat and when to stop. 
A specific plan is tailored to each person by one of our therapists, to help them achieve their goals and to prepare for any issues along the way. 
We easily identify any issues by using evidence-based procedures to help assess and build a strategic plan for success. 
Case formulation (understanding of issues) is a very important part of any successful therapy. “A problem well defined is a problem halved.” 
We focus on three main aspects that are required by any therapist: 
Bond of trust between therapist and client 
Agreement on therapy goals 
Agreement on therapy tasks 
The initial session will start with an introduction to dispel any concerns or misconceptions you have may about hypnotherapy. 
Relevant questions will be asked so we can get a better understanding of what your main issue is, and if there are any other contributing stresses. 
If there any obstacles getting in the way of you achieving your goals, we will work together to design a flexible plan to prepare for any setbacks so you can stay on track. 
Creating Lasting Change 
Creating Lasting Change 
Hypnotherapy uses the hypnotic state to work with you to make a change, that you believe will help you live your life in a more meaningful way. 
By combining therapy and hypnosis your ability to receive and act on suggestions can be enhanced and strengthened, therefore the change you desire more likely to be achieved. 

 Related testimonials 

Pink Speech Marks
Adam | March 2021 
I joined SanaMente Slimmers for the second time about 6 weeks ago now. I have found the sessions run by Clare really relaxing which makes a massive difference to my week. The group itself is so supportive and the hints and tips given have had a huge impact on my eating habits and the way I think about food. I now think and question every decision I make about food. It is fantastic that I am allowed to eat whatever I want while still losing weight. My water intake has completely changed due to SanaMente and Clare. I will have no hesitation in recommending SanaMente to anyone who wants to lose weight or change their eating habits. Finally, a massive thank you from me to Clare and yourself. 
Pink Speech Marks
January 2021 
I signed up for SanaMente Slimmers– it was such a great decision as I wouldn’t have been able to lose the weight I did without the group. It’s great to have other people to bounce ideas off and help each other achieve our goals. For me personally, the accountability is what helps as without it I wouldn’t be as motivated. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have lost 10 lbs in 8 weeks without it. 
Pink Speech Marks
Michelle | January 2021 
Having been a serial dieter for as long as I can remember, but still looking for the holy grail, I was fed up with counting calories, macros, points and ‘sins’ which seemed to be taking over my every waking moment. I had become a slave to the ‘diet’ and the dreaded scales were not my friend!! I decided it was time for a new approach, well nothing was working so what did I have to lose? 
A friend told me about SanaMente and I liked the sound of it, understanding more about my own relationship with food and how to control it, for the better. Clare, who’s a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, runs the group and quickly put me at ease, explaining firstly the reasons why people can so easily get caught with a ‘diet’ mindset that keeps us going back again & again. 
I loved the friendly group approach and even though this was over a Zoom call (due to Covid restrictions) Clare led a wonderfully relaxing hypnosis session, a recording of which I can listen on a daily basis. In a short space of time, I’ve already noticed that I’m aware, of but not worrying about food. I’m learning how to listen to the right signals and take the right action… it feels good, I feel good and I’m excited to see where this will take me. 
Pink Speech Marks
Sue | April 2020 
I really enjoyed the SanaMente Slimmers Group. It’s helped me to change my relationship and mindset with food so much, that it’s now a way of life. I’ve also reduced in size and weight, which has increased my confidence. 
Pink Speech Marks
Dean | April 2020 
I’m now in my third 8-week journey with SanaMente Slimmers and have reduced my weight by over a stone. To me it’s not all about reducing my weight it’s about having a platform to change habits. 
It’s about talking to people about the similar eating or health issues we have and realising you’re not alone, and that making small changes and breaking habits will change how you see yourself and how you can achieve the person you want to be, inside and out. 
It’s also helped reduce my stress and anxiety and promote my own wellbeing. I needed a program that allowed me to make changes long term and not just a short fix and I found this was the perfect group for me. 
Pink Speech Marks
Catherine | April 2020 
I have found SanaMente Slimmers to work perfectly for me. The weekly meetings keep my cravings in check and keep me focused throughout the week. They also address any issues that I may have, like emotional eating. They are also very educational. I would definitely recommend Clare to others who are feeling stuck losing those extra pounds. 
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