What is a lighthouse? The dictionary says “a lighthouse is a building with a warning light that helps boats to navigate safely, especially when it’s dark or foggy”. 
So what has that got to do with me and hypnotherapy? 
Let me introduce myself. 
I am Clare Copping and I’ve been working with SanaMente Hypnotherapy since January 2020. 
I started my working life as a secretary at the BBC back in 1983, working my way up to middle management roles in Television (and in particular in Comedy and Children’s Programmes). I had a fabulous 23 year career at the BBC, which I considered to be like a lighthouse in its aim to be the beacon of light, integrity and support for its viewers and listeners. 
In 2005 I found myself facing redundancy – so life became a bit “dark and foggy”. Cue the next lighthouse in my career – Forever Living Products, The Aloe Vera Company. For the last 14 years I’ve had a wonderful career, being guided and supported under the security, strength, and vision of this fabulous company – and that career continues today. I like to think that I am a lighthouse for my team, to help guide and support them too. 
I’ve always been passionate about learning and mindset, and over the years have undertaken a lot of self-development – firstly doing an HNC in Business when I was 20; then an Open University BSc degree in my early 30’s (and having a baby along the way – that was a challenge!), and in the last 14 years I’ve read numerous books, attended numerous trainings and lapped up anything to do with personal development – especially about the mind. This led me to another lighthouse – Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnotherapy, which is where I trained in 2018 to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and set up my own private practice, which continues today. What was important was that I was trained properly by a school with the right accreditations, so that I wouldn’t “end up on the rocks”. I’m very proud to have been trained by them, and am now registered on the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register). 
Cue the most recent lighthouse – SanaMente Hypnotherapy. One of my other passions is business networking and connecting people together, and one of my business connections recommended me to Linda at SanaMente as she was looking to add another Clinical Hypnotherapist to her team. 
Again, I wanted to know that if I was going to be aligned with this company, that it had the same standards, ethics, integrity and core values as I do – and Linda and the team at SanaMente have that in abundance. Linda has been a tower of support and strength and knowledge and I am delighted to be working with her and the SanaMente team to be able to help and support clients. I see Linda and SanaMente as a lighthouse in the Hypnotherapy world, because of her extensive experience, knowledge and overall ethics and integrity, which align very closely with mine – just like the other organisations I’ve had the privilege of working with/being associated with (BBC, Open University, Forever Living Products, Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnotherapy and now SanaMente). 
Thank you to Sue Grogan for the introduction – I’m most grateful, and to Linda for taking me under your wing and being my lighthouse – guiding and mentoring me to be the best I can be, which in turn enables me to pay it forward and help others be the best they can be. 
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