Team working together
Every day we are affected by the relationships around us, whether that is a loved one or a work colleague. 
We are constantly building connections and how we communicate and express ourselves can have an uplifting or negative effect on the people around us. 
Hypnotherapy can be very useful in developing better relationships. During the process of hypnotherapy, we can work with the intellectual aspects and the emotional.  
If you find your emotions are getting in the way, perhaps even with something small such as an annoying habit which causes you to feel frustrated, we can work at changing this so that you’re no longer sabotaging your relationships. 
It is important to understand it is your view of an event that causes you distress, not the action of another. 
You can’t change another person, but you can always change your response and by doing this, you’ll find your relationships continue to improve. 
Appreciating one another
Holding on to strong emotions can continue to have a negative effect on your relationships. 
But it’s important to understand it’s never the snake bite that killed anyone, it’s holding onto the poison… so allow us to help you remove those feelings, improve your relationship and start living a better life
A specific plan is tailored to each person by one of our therapists, to help them achieve their goals and to prepare for any issues along the way. 
We easily identify any issues by using evidence-based procedures to help assess and build a strategic plan for success. 
Case formulation (understanding of issues) is a very important part of any successful therapy. “A problem well defined is a problem halved.” 
We focus on three main aspects that are required by any therapist: 
Bond of trust between therapist and client 
Agreement on therapy goals 
Agreement on therapy tasks 
The initial session will start with an introduction to dispel any concerns or misconceptions you have may about hypnotherapy. 
Relevant questions will be asked so we can get a better understanding of what your main issue is, and if there are any other contributing stresses. 
If there any obstacles getting in the way of you achieving your goals, we will work together to design a flexible plan to prepare for any setbacks so you can stay on track. 
Creating Lasting Change 
Creating Lasting Change 
Hypnotherapy uses the hypnotic state to work with you to make a change, that you believe will help you live your life in a more meaningful way. 
By combining therapy and hypnosis your ability to receive and act on suggestions can be enhanced and strengthened, therefore the change you desire more likely to be achieved. 
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