How can hypnotherapy help you stop smoking 

One of our trained Clinical Hypnotherapists will conduct a full assessment of your smoking behaviour, thoughts, feelings and hopes for the future to design a bespoke approach to assist you to achieve your goal of becoming a non-smoker. 
Using a blend of talking therapy and hypnosis, you will be assisted to access your personal resources to make the change you want to make. Hypnosis is a state of focussed concentration during which, your ability to receive and act on suggestions can be enhanced to assist you to make the change you want to make. 

How we will work with you 

We will work with you to decide on a date to stop smoking 
By filling out our comprehensive questionnaire you have given thought to and articulate your reasons to stop smoking 
We recommend certain changes to your smoking behaviour prior to the stop date and your hypnotherapy session 
We work with you to follow up and consolidate the changes you’ve made in session 
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Why do people smoke cigarettes? 

Most people who smoke tobacco start during their teenage years or as a young adult. There are many reasons why a person starts to smoke. 
For some it’s a way to rebel against their parents, a way to assert themselves. Others may be affected by “peer pressure”, to them smoking may appear adult or cool. It’s very easy to become addicted to smoking because of the nicotine found in all tobacco products. 
Being dependent on the nicotine means that your body relies on a regular supply of nicotine to feel comfortable. If the supply becomes irregular or there is a long gap between cigarettes, your body will start to experience withdrawal symptoms. 
Withdrawal symptoms include: craving, irritable, feeling uneasy or anxious, restless with poor concentration. 

The facts 

Nicotine is a chemical present in all tobacco products, it is highly addictive. 
When you smoke it takes 6-10 seconds for the nicotine to reach your brain. 
Nicotine is a stimulant, so speeds up the person's reaction time and increases their focus. 
Abstinence from smoking provokes withdrawal symptoms, ranging in intensity depending on the length of abstinence. 
Smokers report enjoying the ritual of smoking, therefore, it becomes a behavioural habit. 
Smoking relieves the withdrawal symptoms, prompting a feeling of pleasure. 

Stop Smoking Course Details 

Following our comprehensive assessment, we will advise you on the length of the programme. We are keen to ensure that all our clients have the best chance possible of achieving their goals. 
We offer smoking cessation via our one stop course or via three sessions over three weeks. The cost to this is the same. The investment for our one stop course is £600.00 
 Related testimonials 
Pink Speech Marks
Dennis | 3 November 2018 
If your car is broken you call a mechanic, if your heating is on the blink, you call a tradesman, so if you have a problem yourself why not call for someone to help you? Linda is a warm, caring person whose goal is to help you solve your problem and she will support you all the way. Trust me you won’t regret it; she will sort it. Every journey starts with the first step so go on and take that first step after all, what have you got to lose? 
Pink Speech Marks
We would like to thank you as a family, you have helped us all with various mindful obstacles from stopping smoking, stress and for Louie – his transition into secondary school wasn’t much fun for him but with your help, he overcame all of the issues bothering him and he’s now really happy and thriving, which as a parent is all I wanted for him. You have been kind and compassionate, caring and professional and I will continue to recommend you to anyone who could benefit from your help and guidance. Thank you again. 
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