We all want to live our lives in the best way we can. 
Sometimes life can test our will power, stamina and even cause distress but the obstacles in your way are stepping stones on your journey. 
Here at SanaMente, we help people manage the tough times and develop good healthy coping strategies for the future. 
Take our quick quiz and find out now what it will 
take to become the best version of yourself. 
To change lives by facilitating people to overcome the things holding them back. 
We listen to the hopes, dreams and beliefs of our clients and do not recommend a solution unless we believe we can make a positive difference. 
Using the hypnotic state of focused concentration, we teach people to make best use of their own personal resources, skills and talent. 
Our compassion-focussed approach brings kindness, understanding and care to the person, together with wisdom courage and strength. 
We believe each person deserves the opportunity to be the best they can be. 
We believe in ongoing professional development and supporting our staff to provide an outstanding service. 
Each employee is as important as the next, everyone is a team player. 
SanaMente supports a variety of local charities. This commitment means that we take part in and manage charity events to raise funds.  
Our staff and clients are encouraged to take part too. We believe working with local charities adds value to our place in the local community.  

How we can help 

SanaMente can help you to manage problems with anxiety, phobias,  
unwanted habits & more
Book a complimentary session with a Strive Mentor 
Our online community is here to guide and support you to become your best self. This needs to be the right fit  
for you so book your first online session with a Strive Mentor for FREE and find out how we can help you
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