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February is national LGBT+ history month and as mental health problems are more common in people who identify as LGBT+, we want to shed a light. 
It's important to note that identifying as LGBT+ doesn't cause mental health issues in itself, but some of the things they may experience can factor in to poor mental health, such as: 
Increased likelihood of being a victim of hate crime 
Social isolation 
Body dysmorphia 
Family conflict 
Lack of support 
The Numbers 
Over the last year, out of LGBT+ respondents: 
Half experienced depression 
3/5 experienced anxiety 
Of those who are transgender, half thought about ending their own life 
Of those ages 18-25, 1/8 attempted suicide 
1/6 said they drank alcohol almost every day in the last year 
The Rainbow Lining 
But sometimes embracing your LGBT+ identity can have a positive impact on your wellbeing, you may experience:  
Increased confidence 
A sense of community 
Freedom of self-expression 
Increased resilience 
Specialist support is also availiable. 
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