If we all had to be answerable to some kind of ‘relationships trade descriptions’ board, then most of us would be guilty of false promotion! 
It’s very easy to complain that your partner has changed since you were first together, not so easy to recognise that you probably have, too. And if you find that relationships ‘always’ seem to go sour after a little while and that people just aren’t what they make themselves out to be, then wonder what they might say about you – and be honest with your answer! Many might say: “We should start as we mean to go on…” but what on earth is wrong with: “We should start as we mean to be…”? 
Now, if that last statement causes you a wry grin, ask yourself why? Could it be that if you started as you meant to be, you think a relationship might not work? And if so, why not? Answer that question with total honesty and you might discover a life-changing truth! 
One last thing: if you’re in a relationship and you find yourself complaining that your sex life isn’t very good, take a moment to wonder what your partner’s sex life is like… 
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